DistributionDistribution ERP is an on-line and off-line integrated sales management solution. We provide web-based cloud services such as sales inventory collection management, sales, store, customer, income management, buyer and online store management. With Internet access, you can work in real time, and the server and customer data are managed in the cloud system, ensuring security. Because it is developed as a development tool that is not dependent on the operating system, there is little system error due to the change of operating system.
ManufacturingBy industry, manufacturing has the most complex business structure. The material management (MRP) of the manufacturing industry evolved and became the ERP of today. The ERP of the smart factory required by the fourth industrial age is different from the frame itself.Unlike existing processes, from BOM management to finished product shipment, the machine is a management system that makes decisions based on the database. ERP is now one of the most important elements of manufacturing.
ConstructionIt is an ERP system that supports quick and accurate business processing by providing various modules and functions for all the major tasks of the construction industry (administrative - sales - implementation). Supports executive decision-making through rapid and accurate data identification and forecasting through automatic data collection by source data and manual exclusion. It is a specialized ERP for construction companies that can manage the work of small and medium-sized construction companies from contract, field, labor report, outsourcing and material management.
EducationThe features of ERPxMIS school and after school operation system are added with coding training module. You can add a coding curriculum without an initial investment by providing a cloud server environment for coding training. Student management, teacher management, teaching materials management, and storage management can be done systematically and efficiently. All processes are Web-based, so there is no installation process.